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Replacement Door

Replacement kitchen doors are a great way to boost the appearance of your kitchen, giving you an attractive and functional fresh new look without having to make a big investment. You may be on a lower budget or your carcasses are still in good order and you don’t need the hassle of replacing the full kitchen. These doors can completely transform your old kitchen at the fraction of the cost of a refit.

At BFP Kitchens, we have many different colours and styles for you to choose from at affordable and fair prices. We do not compromise on quality and our replacement doors are all of the highest standards and are designed and built to last. You can retain your existing cabinets, worktops and draw fronts and have a brand new looking kitchen just by adding replacement doors.

Our Top 3 Door Options:

1. Polyurethane Doors from $180 per square meter

2. Ultra Glaze Doors from $160 per square meter

3. Vinyl Doors from $300 per square meter


Please note that there is a minimum of 7 square meters per order.

On average, a standard kitchen will need around 15 square meters.

All of our prices include all drillings and work carried out for the hinges and drawer fronts, but exclude hardware.

Hardware for your new kitchen doors

At BFP Kitchens, we use Blum hardware because it is of superior quality and also comes with a life warranty so you can be rest assured your hardware is built to last.

Pricing for the hinges are $3 per hinge.

If your drawers have non-wooden sides you will also need to change in order for your new kitchen door to be fitted. At BFP Kitchens, we use Blum Meta Box sides (metal sides) for all replacement drawers. You will need to send us the size of your carcass (Height, Width & Depth) so we can make the drawers to suit. You will then receive a new drilling pattern that you can use for your new drawers.

The cost for replacement drawers is $50 per drawer.

Why not contact us to find out more? See below for our latest catalogue showcasing our products and colours.